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Dedicate a Gift - Donations

Dedicate a Gift - Donations

Commemorative and Memorial Donations

Make a one-time donation in honor of someone living or deceased.


When you make a gift to honor someone*, IDA will send the honoree a letter acknowledging the gift, which includes your name. (You will have the option to include special instructions if you would like to remain anonymous.) Please let us know if you think this is a first-time gift so that we can welcome the honoree to IDA.


*If you make a gift in memory of someone who is deceased, IDA will send you a letter of acknowledgement and thank you for your gift.

Donation Selection

Consider a recurring contribution to support IDA. Your ongoing gift will ensure that IDA has dependable resources to sustain our programs to protect our night sky. Recurring donations are the easiest way to give and make a difference every day.

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