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IDA Moonrise Club

This is a monthly contribution to support IDA's night sky conservation efforts (make a one time donation instead). Your monthly, tax-deductible gift helps provide the sustained resources needed for IDA fight light pollution and keep the stars shining bright.

Your Monthly Donation

Suggested giving levels:

  •  $83.34 ($1,000.00/year): Less than $3 dollars a day – the cost of latte. At this level you become a Night Sky Protector!
  •  $41.67 ($500/year): Less than $1.50 a day – the cost of a bottle of water
  • $20.84 ($250/year): About a dollar a day – the cost of a song from iTunes
  • $8.34 ($100/year): About 25 cents – the cost of a gumball
  • $4.17 ($50/year): Less then 15 cents a day – the amount of spare change in your pockets, car or sofa

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